What We Do

What We Do

Communications is an integral part of any Business interaction, be it the B2B or the B2C Space. The circuit of communication is understood as complete when it reaches the Right Audience, The Right Way! This “Right Way” decodes to having  the ‘Know-hows’ of the ‘best content approaches’ that will work for your business and help you boost those numbers!!

An in-depth understanding of brands, messaging, customers and impeccable content is what sets the team at MyStyle Communications, apart. 




Marketing Collaterals: Depending on your specific business needs which may change time to time, we create catchy content for both digital and print medium. These primarily include:

  • Brochure (Printed)
  • E-Brochure
  • Flyers/Posters
  • E-mailer content
  • Product Descriptions

Social Media Content: We help you utilise social media platforms through appropriate content for promoting your business online and boosting your lead generation counts. These include the below content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube and most importantly, your website!

  • Website Content
  • Company Profiles
  • Blogs/Articles/Case Studies
  • Posts
  • Infographic Content
  • Video Explainers
  • Press Releases

Video Scripts: Whether you want a video to capture the journey of your organisation or narrate powerful brand stories, we pride ourselves on creating some of the most effective lines ever. Trust us, you’ll love our scripting skills which include:

  • Corporate Video Scripts
  • Promotion Video Scripts
  • Business Introduction Video Scripts
  • Product/Service Description Video Scripts
  • Advertisement Scripts
  • Concept-Based Video Scripts
  • Scripts for Radio

Presentations: A PPT is the most effective tool to present your business anytime, anywhere on your behalf. We understand the importance of words voicing for your hard work and create well crafted and precise

  • Company PPTs
  • Sales Pitches

Translations: As Content is crossing linguistic barriers and traveling across borders, we help it doing so easily. We provide translation services from

  • Kannada to English/Hindi
  • Telugu to English/Hindi
  • Tamil to English/Hindi
  • Malayalam to English/Hindi
  • Sanskrit to English/Hindi

and vice-versa! 

Transcriptions: English